Modern Webapplications

Software in the Browser - always online, no installation required, perfect Design

When you think of websites, you immediately think of static information websites like, online stores like or portals like But modern browsers have much more possibilities: Word and Excel can be used on the web via Office365, accounting software like Bexio or BOM run in the browser, and even complex programs like Figma can be used online without installation. PolygonSoftware opens this possibility for your company!

Web applications - directly online without installation

Just a few years ago, desktop software was a must for many applications. At that time, the browser was the perfect choice to create beautiful user interfaces with HMTL/CSS and to allow simple interactions. However, if you wanted to interact with files on the user's PC, access the webcam or perform computationally intensive tasks, you quickly reached the limits of what was possible. This time is over!

With the new web technologies it is possible to develop web applications that feel as if they were installed applications. Through Progressive WebApps (PWA), web pages can be stored in the Windows program menu with one click and even be used offline! Chrome's latest browser APIs make it possible to access the user's files, and WebAssembly allows you to execute C++ code that can perform even the most computationally intensive tasks at lightning speed.

A web application is software that runs in a browser. Like a traditional website, the web application is accessed directly in the browser via URL, but offers many more possibilities. Typical examples of a modern web application are Spotify, Netflix, Instagram, Bexio or Skype.

All these programs run directly in the browser without the need to install them. Nevertheless they work like real programs and offer outstanding functionalities. Via Skype, for example, video calls can be made, files exchanged and screen transmissions carried out without ever having to install a program. The trend of many companies is to develop new software only as web applications. Microsoft, for example, has decided to implement Microsoft teams completely with web technology, so that as many people as possible can use the software and - in the times of Corona where many new people with different needs count on teams - new functionalities can be programmed quickly and reliably. MS Teams can be used by anyone who has access to the Internet. Since it does not need to be installed, even people with little computer experience can use teams without any problems.

Advantages of web applications over traditional software

One of the biggest advantages of web applications is the execution in the browser. Installing an application is not only a hurdle for the user, it also costs time, storage space and runs the risk of being outdated after a few months. Most users make very few software updates, which means that many old versions of the program must be supported. A webapp, on the other hand, is reloaded by the browser every time it is used, so that every user can always use the latest and best version of the software.

With CSS and HTML, web technology is designed to allow beautiful user interfaces. Appearance and usage are among the most important aspects of a software. A good user interface motivates and helps the user to use the software and shows him what his possibilities are. A good user experience (UX) guides the user through the website and helps to minimize incorrect usage. Via CSS it is possible to implement almost any conceivable design quickly and efficiently. No other technology offers as much design freedom as web technology.

Let PolygonSoftware develop your webapp

We at PolygonSoftware have specialized in the development of software using web technology. Our team works with the latest JavaScript frameworks like VueJS, so that we can realize your desired software on the web. The webapps we develop are fast, look good, work on all devices and run stable.

If you need software for your business, but don't know if web technology is the right web for you, don't hesitate to contact us and we will offer you a free consultation in which we will identify and discuss your use case and work out a solution.

Advantages of web applications

Since the term 'web application' is often automatically associated with a conventional website, we will list the most important advantages of web applications over software that has to be downloaded and installed:

  • Works device and operating system independent

  • Can be installed with one click directly from the browser (PWA)

  • Thanks to WebAssembly extremely fast and suitable for computationally intensive tasks

  • Make use of camera, microphone, files, location, etc

  • Provide the greatest possible design flexibility

  • Always up-to-date, without annoying updates

  • Also suitable for intranets or other sensitive applications


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